Jazz is one of the most diverse  form of dance and it is forever changing.   Jazz can also include Jazz Funk and can also introduce or combine Musical Theatre or Broadway style of jazz.  

Flexibility, strength, co-ordination and musicality and rhythm are all benefits students gain from jazz.    But most importantly, jazz is fun and gives students to dance to the latest music and some of our top chart songs.   All of our shows and performances use this style of dance as its base.  

Our jazz is technique based.  This class involves stretching, progression work and routines.




Hip Hop is the most fun of all the dance styles.. Students will develop isolation techniques and classic Hip Hop skills. Most of the time in class will be spent learning new choreography and developing performance skills. 

 These classes are great fun and we keep these classes modern with the latest music, beats and grooves.

We have hip hop classes for young beginners, all the way up to open senior classes.



Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance.
It is the dreams of many little girls to be a ballerina.  

However ballet isnít just for those dreaming to be a princess ballerina.  Ballet is a beautiful style of dance but also a crucial aspect for any dancer.    

Ballet teaches students technique and also works on strength and overall deportment.
recommend that all dance students take on at least one ballet class per week as ballet is the centre of all dance.    And WILL help improve other styles of dance

We teach RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet grades and majors.   The technique gained from ballet class gives the student correct technique to assist them in all forms of dance with a strong emphasis on posture and discipline


Decadance teaches the F.A.T.D. syllabus in tap.  It is important that technique is learnt for safety and is also helps the student learn a routine of any kind so much quicker. All students learn the exam work but the exam itself is not compulsory.    Exams do however give students a sense of achievement and completion. 

It gives them something to show for their year of hard work.  It can be kept as a keepsake or as a record for serious dancers to prove their training.  The technique is taught the first half of the year and combinations and routines towards the end of year Concert are taught the second half of the year.



Modern/ contemporary is currently one of the most popular styles of dance throughout the world with many dance and ballet companies using modern and contemporary works as a large part of their repetoire. 

Modern / Lyrical / Contemporary is also the core dance style used in the NSW school system from primary through to the HSC.


(2 and 5 years)

These classes are your son or daughterís first steps in dancing.  

The classes encourage and develop timing, rhythm, co-ordination and above all friendship, all whilst having a great time.

It is a great way to introduce co-ordination and concentration, a way of learning to listen to others and they can have lot of fun doing it. 

We have party songs like the hokey pokey and dance to those well known all favourite Hi-5, Wiggles, Raggs tunes.

(3 to 5 years)


This class a fun introduction to ballet for our littlies. 

A progression from Dance n Fun, we introduce ballet classes ito this age group.

If your little one likes fairy wings and feather boas, or just likes to be pretty, then this class is for her



A progression from Dance n Fun, we introduce more of the technique of jazz whilst still maintaining the fun to this age group.

We also introduce our combo class.  This gives the students a taste for tap.   30mins jazz and 15mins tap

This makes a great combination with the Ballet.  



Tap & Jazz and Ballet exams are offered but are not compulsory. Exams give students a sense of achievement and something to show for their efforts.   In the long run Exams give the qualifications to teach dance.

Ballet exams are conducted under the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.). Tap and Jazz exams will be conducted under the Federal Association of Teachers of Dance (now ADA)  syllabus.

If you would like to participate in a Classical Ballet exam it is a requirement of the syllabus that you participate in two classes per week, however this does not mean that you are 100% able to do the exam. Participation in ballet and tap exams are based upon attendance and performance in both classes